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Welcome to iGameOrDie! We are a community of mature gamers who love to game. If you are 18 years old or older and looking to join a fun, laid back gaming community, fill out an application and you will hear from us shortly.

Once you are accepted and gain recruit status, you can log in, find other members to game with, participate in game nights, and win prizes! We update the site daily so stay tuned!


Destiny: Rise of Iron


Included with the new expansion of Destiny comes the addition of custom games to multiplayer. Soon we can have private matches and tournaments in the Crucible.

iGameOrDie is looking forward to adding Destiny to the Clan War roster and hosting games. Earn coins to spend on prizes and prove to the community that you are the most lethal guardian around.

- Solar

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Welcome fellow followers of Nate Nation! If Nate sent you, then we invite you to fill out an application.
Nate is a member himself because he knows we are all about getting together and having fun while gaming. So suit up, join up and see what we are all about.
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Snoochy Boochy!

You guys can just call me Snooch. I know it sounds like another name for a vag, but it's fitting because I'm a pussy when it comes to horror games. My favorite are RPGs, but I love video games as a whole. I've been gaming for about 15 years, and currently whooping ass on PS4.
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