12:14 pm est

Far Cry 4 by WarpathofHades

So farcry 4 is out. I really recommend getting this game if you haven't. It takes the best out of all the farcry games and rolls it into one.
The ai is smarter, and they track/hunt you down. Some of the animals now climb the rocks or what ever your on. And you can ride elephants into battle. speaking of animals in battle you can break the cages and use the animals to help kill or get past the guards.
They reinstated the self drive, made the shooting from the car like gta/ Just Cause, where you can shoot out the windshield and also turn and shoot from the back.
The down side is the vehicle handling and they start you at a 20 sensitivity. Trying to get the right zone on the sensitivity is hard. Locating things is kinda tricky.
But over all, this is a must buy. I give it a 9 out of 10